Aurora Deiana

Aurora Deiana

Director and producer

Actress, director and producer, Aurora Deiana is born in Crotone, Southern Italy, Calabria in 1987. She has loved the arts from childhood, where she joined a group of folk music artist and performed singing and dancing. When she comes of age she moves to Rome, where her formation as an actress begins. In 2009 she achieves a diploma at the Rome theatre academy “Sofia Amendolea”, with the highest marks. She enriches her formative career following several professionals in Italy and abroad, amongst them: Giorgio Albertazzi, Fioretta Mari, Luca Ward, Rossella Izzo, Jasek Ludwig Scarso, Anna Strasberg and many others.
At the same time she works organising acting and direction classes and also works as supervisor for the communication and public relationships working alongside some professionional of this field such as Roberto Bigherati, Francesca De Sapio, Daniele Luchetti, Giovanni Veronesi, Sergio Rubini, Bernard Hiller, Franco Rina, Antonia Sautter.
In 2016, she starts working as a freelance producer and director.
She is currently writing and producing several projects in collaboration with national and international production companies.

Director’s note

The script for “Bring my own chair” (original title “Io la sedia me la porto da casa”), is inspired by a short autobiographic story published by Stefania Maiorano, a writer and artist originary from Calabria. Stefania had poliomyelitis, a disease which caused a motor impairment, restricting her on a wheelchair. Living with the consequences of polio affected her life, but, her positive attitude and mental strenght pushed Stefania to maximise her potential turning often limits into opportunities. Writer, painter, poet and other humans rights activist Stefania was born in 1951in Umbriatico, a small town in Calabria, and she left this world aged 62, following an episode of illness whose causes remained unknown.
This film is in her memory.

Note di regia
Stefania in spiaggia


Writer Stefania is one of the finalists for a literary competition. After her initial excited reaction, she finds out that also Miss Durante, a bitter rival of her, has reached the group of the favourites.
Who is going to win the award? This appears to be the core of the entire story. Thankfully Gianpaolo, Stefania’s husband, is there to make her smile and so is the sea, which is such an inspiration for her novels and that makes she feel finally at home and free.
Something happens the evening of the ceremony and Stefania will not be able to join. The reason of her absence will become clear only at the end.



Gianni Alvino

Ornella Lorenzano

Ornella Lorenzano was born in Crotone in May 1985. She moves her first steps in the world of theater studying dance at the age of 5 years. She obtained her diploma in classical dance and at the age of 18 she moved to study "Arts and Performing Sciences" at the University of Rome La Sapienza. In the same year she graduated, she started a professional acting course at the Theater Academy “Sofia Amendolea”.
She began her career as an actress, choreographer and dancer in several shows, but continues to enrich her professional background attending courses with professionals in the theater and film industry including: R.Latini, L.Salveti, B.Duke, I. Chubbuck, M. Bruno, R. Ravello. She collaborates as an actress in several short films and videos. Since 2016 she has been part of the "L'Altro" association, which aims to promote art, ranging from theater to cinema, seeking in every work a clear reference to the reality that surrounds us.

Gianni Alvino

Gianni Alvino

Gianni Alvino is a cinema and theater actor born in Potenza (Southern Italy) in 1985, he got a degree in cinematography at the university "La Sapienza" of Rome in 2013 after graduating at the "Teatro Azione" Academy of Dramatic Art in Rome in 2008. After taking his degree he started to work as actor in different italian theatre companies interpreting many and different characters playing works ranging from classic to modern, continuing to attend acting workshops with important Italian directors and biomechanics lessons. In 2012 he played a small part in an Italian cinematografic movie and after that he matured an important experience acting in more than 20 short movies as main character. In 2014 he takes part in a theater show staged in Usa (Miami), where he returns, some months after, to play in 2 other shows as main character. In 2018 he enters, as main character, in the American cast of "Paradise Valley" by the director Carlo Fusco.

Locandina film



Aurora Deiana, tratto da un racconto di Stefania Maiorano


Elena Briata e Aurora Deiana

Production department
  • Project developing manager: Aurora Deiana
  • Production director: Aurora Deiana
  • Production assistant: Vita Filardo
  • Co-producer: Zone 6 Films
  • Associate producer: Open Fields Productions
Direction department
  • Director: Aurora Deiana
  • Script supervisor: Fabio Mancuso
Photography department
  • Cinematography: Travers Jacobs
Editing department
  • Editor: Gisela Pelàez
  • Assistants: Nikhil Bhoplay, Luca De Benedetti, Lorenzo Caramelli
  • Colorist: Travers Jacobs
  • Colorist Assistant: Valerio Matteu
Technical staff
  • Audio: Christhian Orta
  • Sound Designer and Mix: Luca Mendicino
  • Sound studio: Volteker Studio di Giacomo Vitullo
  • Original sound track: Marco Pupa
  • Scenographer and costumes: Aurora Deiana, Giuditta Deiana
  • Graphic Credits: Agostino Cecchini
  • Translation and subtitles: Annalisa Deiana, Yana Marekova
  • Stefania: Ornella Lorenzano
  • Gian Paolo: Gianni Alvino
  • Miss Durante: Francesca Cavallo
  • Domenico: Francesco Pupa
  • Voice over the phone: Carlo Gallo
  • Child: Margherita Di Lernia

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" The sea with its shimmering
Is calling me
And I immerse myself
Rolling in the salt water.
The glare
Of the stars and and the moon
Seem like a thousand fireflies
That rise from the water
Almost if to rise
Back to the sky that invented them. "

Stefania Maiorano